Shattered Noodle Scrapbook: A Review

by Lola Furbee   Shattered Noodle Scrapbook recently played on the campus of North Central College in Madden Theatre. It was the NCC Theatre Department’s collaboration with the Neo-Futurists Theatre Group from Chicago. Under the direction of Neil Bhandari and Abby Pajakowski, the play was set in a 30/60 format, ...

NCC Students: Join WONC Today

If you’re a student at North Central College, you NEED to join WONC! Whether you’re interesting in a career in radio broadcasting or you just want to have some fun, there’s something for everyone here. Our staff is comprised of students with all kinds of majors, not just Journalism and ...

Try Our Exclusive Coffee Roasts

Need a pick-me-up? We have our own coffee roasts! We worked with the North Central College Coffee Lab to create two delicious roasts to pair with our music. You’ll also support WONC with your purchase and help us continue to play the best music on your radio! To keep you ...

Calling All Local Bands and Musicians

Countless musicians and bands from the Chicagoland area have made an impact in the world of music, but none of them started off as famous. Everyone starts somewhere, and we’re here to help. WONC has a long-standing tradition of featuring music from the Chicagoland area, and we want you to ...

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