Vocal Distortion


Mondays from 6 to 8PM

Need something heavier to start your week and get your rage out? Join Austin Paulson for riffs and screams of all kinds, featuring heavy metal, metalcore, and more! Discover bands new and old, and join us for theme nights, Random Rants, and heavy music video of the week! Follow the show on Twitter and Instagram!

About the Host

Austin Paulson

A native of Sugar Grove, IL, Austin Paulson grew up glued to television & radio of the Chicagoland area, listening to the likes of Jonathon Brandmeier, Jonathon Hood, Len Kasper, and Svengoolie. He took his fascination with broadcasting down south where he spent some time at Western Kentucky University and worked at local television and radio stations. During the pandemic, Austin returned home to attend North Central College where he’s currently pursuing a degree in Journalism & Media Communication. When Austin isn’t at a show downtown or in the stands of Soldier Field, you can catch him hosting a variety of shows on FM89 each week including Fringe Radio, Music Telephone, and Vocal Distortion.

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