The Crossroads


Wednesdays from 8 to 10PM

A cowboy never has to explain his actions. “Country” music has strayed far away from its roots, and The Crossroads is the place to embrace your inner outlaw. Hosted by Sam Corbett and Andy Jachim, you’ll hear the likes of Johnny Cash, Brother Dege, Blues Saraceno, Charlie Daniels, and all the rebels who are proudly and unabashedly themselves. Be sure to follow the show on Instagram!

About the Hosts

Sam Corbett

Sam is a country boy disguised as a city kid. His dad and coaches shaped the music he listens to, and he particularly loves music that gives off the vibe of “I’m the most badass guy in the room,” because that’s how a true cowboy carries himself.

When Sam is away from the radio station, he’s busy playing baseball for NCC and someday hopes to be a professional sports broadcaster.

Andy Jachim

Andy’s interest in country music is something that came later in his teenage years. Many of his baseball teammates throughout high school got him into modern country music and his love for the genre was born. After meeting Sam last year, he introduced Andy to outlaw rock and it piqued his interest. The feeling that comes with unleashing your inner outlaw is truly unmatched and makes this type of country music electrifying.

Outside of the Crossroads, Andy is a sports broadcaster at WONC and hopes to have a career in the field upon graduation. He also co-hosts Strictly Sports from 6-8PM on Wednesday nights right before The Crossroads airs every week.

Andy Jachim

The Crossroads Artist Highlight: Cody Johnson

By: Andy Jachim Despite playing a few of his tracks over The Crossroads’ history, Cody Johnson has never been a featured artist. That changes this week as we take a look into his newest album, Leather, which was released on November 3. This is Johnson’s 11th set of tracks and ...


The Crossroads Artist Highlight: Colby Acuff

By: Sam Corbett Hailing from northern Idaho, Colby Acuff’s voice and guitar sound like old-time country musicians telling stories through their music. Seriously, close your eyes and listen to him. It’s like Willie Nelson. His latest deluxe album, Western White Pines, dropped on September 15th. Totaling 16 tracks and 52 ...


The Crossroads’ Month in Review

By: Sam Corbett Well, welcome BACK to The Crossroads! I know we’ve been away, and I have a lot to catch up with. First off, I found a new cohost. Zane has graduated on to greener pastures, and Andy has taken his place. He’s done well, learning more and more ...


The Crossroads Artist Highlight: HARDY

By: Sam Corbett After a three-month-long hiatus from being off-air, The Crossroads duo came back in a big way to begin March 2023. Zane and I reviewed HARDY’s much-anticipated album, the mockingbird & THE CROW. We hyped it up so much on air, only to be forced to wait nearly ...


The Crossroads Artist Highlight: Brothers Osborne

By Zane Trumann While we usually reserve these features for new artists here at The Crossroads, both Sam and I made the executive decision to change that with Brothers Osborne’s newest single, “It’s Only Rock ‘n’ Roll (But I Like It)”. The brothers from Maryland took on a major project ...


The Crossroads Artist Highlight: Jessta James

By Zane Trumann After a couple of weeks of theme nights, Sam and I were looking to take The Crossroads back to its roots and get back into featuring up-and-coming artists. We were lucky enough with previous features to have artists reach out to us on social media, but this ...


The Crossroads Artist Highlight: Donny van Slee

By Sam Corbett Three shows down, three artist features for The Crossroads. This week, we travel to the heartland – Broadway, Nashville, Tennessee. Donny Van Slee, originally from rural Florida, can be seen all over town belting his voice for the world to hear. A chiropractor by day, Van Slee’s ...


The Crossroads Artist Highlight: Brody Kean

By Zane Trumann With the first edition of The Crossroads under our belts, both Sam and I were turning the country music scene upside down trying to find a new artist to feature for our next show. There were plenty of close fits, even a few that gave us great ...


The Crossroads Artist Highlight: Bryan Martin

by Sam Corbett The Crossroads is one of the newest shows on FM89, meaning a whole new batch of genres, artists, and songs. Outlaw country rock, southern rock, shadow country, and delta blues are just some of the genres that the show will highlight. While I’m excited to bring new ...


The Crossroads: Embrace Your Inner Outlaw

by Sam Corbett We all have an inner outlaw. The voice in your head and in your heart that wants to strut around town with a swagger. That feeling that you don’t always have to listen to others; that you can blaze your own trail. A badass vibe that always ...

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