FX Deserves Their Flowers

- Jesse Hudgins

Over the years there have been TV channels that have reigned supreme as those with the best original content. Whether it be AMC with Breaking Bad and Walking Dead or HBO with Game of Thrones and The Sopranos, each channel had their time at the top. There’s been one channel, though, that’s continuously been pumping out great content that deserves more praise than it’s gotten. That channel is FX.

The Network

Starting in 1994, FX originally aired older television like the original Batman, Wonder Woman, and Green Hornet. The network got their first original show in 2002 with The Shield, a crime drama, and another drama in 2003 titled Nip/Tuck. The network continued to put out new content with franchises and long running shows, as well as sports programming.

The reason FX deserves more praise than they have is due to the consistency of their programming throughout the years. The first long-lasting hit FX had was It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia which is still going strong after 16 seasons. It’s the longest-lasting show the network has had with the most seasons with the network. There are only two other shows on FX that have double digits in seasons: Archer (14 seasons) and American Horror Story (12 seasons), which became one of their most well-known franchises next to 2008’s Sons of Anarchy, and both shows did so well they got spinoffs.


Program Quality

The quality of FX’s original programming speaks for itself when, on IMDB, the lowest rated show (Great Expectations) is a 5.4 out of 10. For the most part, the shows receive around an average of 7/8 out of 10 in the ratings. The highest rated original show from FX is Fargo which debuted in 2014. The Bear is the highest rated new show from the network at an 8.6 out of 10. Also, The Bear has been winning awards consistently, most recently with 3 Golden Globes this year for best male actor, female actor, and overall series musical or comedy.

FX has even produced some of my personal favorite shows in recent memory. Shows like The Bear, Legion, Reservation Dogs, and Fargo. The reason I love the shows they produce is they’re not afraid to let the creators do what they want. You can tell there isn’t much meddling from executives trying to change the shows. Also, each show has its own feel and genre. Some are crime shows, sci-fi, drama, comedy. You get a wide variety from the network bringing something for everyone.


The Future

FX just seems to be getting better and better with its current and future lineup. American Horror Story, Archer, and It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia are still going strong. Fargo just made its return to the network recently with a new season. The network also has a partnership with Hulu where their shows also go straight to the streaming service in case viewers don’t have access to the network on cable. And looking ahead, they’ll be releasing a highly anticipated new show, Shogun, in February which looks great just based on the trailer alone.

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